55 Computer Cloud – with Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud

The cloud at its biggest was about 55 nodes.
When trying out the Folding@Home, we successfully installed Origami on 64 VM instances. Arttu got Irssi IRC-client and WordPress client running in the VMs, but due to the lack of backups and/or snapshot functionality, these were lost after a reboot. We also wanted to try out running desktops in the VMs, but the instances we got to launch didn’t have enough harddisk space to finish the installation, so worked around it by installing a KVM in the VM and installed successfully Slax and Mint Debian.
At the moment the private Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (we tested Ubuntu Server Maverick Meerkat 10.10) is not yet ready for production usage.

From SilverCloud Project, “Just another cloud service”.
This was 2010 instance of Haaga-Helia TIKO course Verkon asiantuntijan projekti, Linux.

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