Android lectures in Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid

I’m currently giving workshops and lectures on Android programming.
Update: You can read more about Android programming from Make: Arduino Bots and Gadgets, new book by me and Kimmo Karvinen. Android code examples are in
Workshops were done as a co-operation of Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences and Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.

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23 Responses to Android lectures in Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid

  1. Update: This code makes a button work. Someone asked for a copy, so here it is.
    package com.botbook.bodymass;
    import android.os.Bundle;
    import android.view.View;
    import android.widget.Button;
    import android.widget.EditText;
    import android.widget.TextView;
    public class BodyMassIndex extends Activity {
    public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
    final EditText heightEt = (EditText) findViewById(;
    final EditText weightEt = (EditText) findViewById(;
    final TextView bmiTv = (TextView) findViewById(;
    Button calculateBt = (Button) findViewById(;
    calculateBt.setOnClickListener(new View.OnClickListener() {
    public void onClick(View v) {
    final float h = Float.parseFloat(heightEt.getText().toString())/100; // m
    final float w = Float.parseFloat(weightEt.getText().toString()); // kg

  2. Franklin says:

    Thank you for the code!

  3. isidro gonzalez palacios says:

    Yes, for my iwas, very interesting. but, i don`t think what a short time, i could utility.
    yes, for may credits the university.
    i haven´t anything plant to use.
    yes, I think, in the recomend a my friends.

  4. Alberto Rodríguez Moreno says:

    – This is my first lesson, and I learn to do my first Android application.
    – Yes, this lesson is usefull for me.
    – Yes, I will use my skills in the future. I’m thinking to do an Android application in my proyect.
    – Not improve. It’s OK.
    – The test was OK.
    – Yes, the course was interesting and I will recomemend it to my friends

  5. Cesar says:

    It was very interesting to introduce in the Android world, and it was great to know the real experience of someone who really had published something at the Android Store. But i expect it would be a bit more advanced course, to see more basics about the API.
    I will recommend it to my friends.

  6. Franklin says:

    Did you learn something?
    A lot. Specially installing the environment.
    It is useful to you?
    Yes, I want to develop to android at this seminar was a perfect start point.
    How do you plan to use your skill after the course?
    Developing small applications for the Android Market.
    How could the course be improved?
    I think you can upload a short step-by-step guide here and reference all the people there so they have a guide there. Then you can help them in the workshop class resolving specific problems.
    How was the test?
    What test?
    Would you recommend this course to your friends or colleges?
    Yes. If they are interest in doing some mobile development this is a good start point.
    Thank you for your time, I hope you can do an advance android development seminar some time in the future.
    Franklin Galarraga.

  7. yes, I learned something. But, I would prefer to learn more about GPS, Bluetooth, games, and so on.
    I don’t think that the class of yesterday was very useful, i think the people had to go to the class with the eclipse and android plugins.
    I would like to use some items of this course for my class.

  8. Juan Martinez-Romo says:

    Very Interesting course although it was very short and I expected to listen some more tips. Just copy examples from the web page and run into eclipse was not very enriching for me.
    However, I believe the course was an useful start point for Android.

  9. Francisco Javier Gómez Sánchez says:

    1. Yes, of course. I learn to write my first program in Android, it was difficult but like other language of programming there are a lot of practice.
    2. Nowadays, no because i haven’t got an androidd phone but in a near future when i buy a phone with this s.o. i will try to do myself apps. Maybe it will be fun.
    3. My plan is to try to not forget this master class because it is a new thing and it is difficult to remember all.
    4. You can improve this course with less tecnical concepts. If you never see this s.o., it is difficult to understand the language.
    5. The test was good. I did the first appy and i run very best.
    6. Yes, i think this classes are important to introduce in the android world.

  10. Javier Nieto says:

    I’m a former supporter of Apple Inc. I knew Android was one of the best mobile softwares in the world, but I didn’t know it could be as amazing as I found in these lectures. I’ve learn how to create my own application for Android, and probably I will use what I have learnt plus my own knowledge to keep doing my own application for iOS and Android. I would fervently recommend this course to everybody who likes mobile technology.

  11. Vinicio says:

    The course is very good for beginers, I learn many things about android.
    I think developmente a aplication in android and bluetooth.

  12. Juan says:

    This course went through the basics in a fun and simple way, enough to get me started. I might publish some apps, already have a few ideas. Yes, I would recommend it to friends and colleagues.

  13. Paulo says:

    I’ve learned basic things about how making applications for android mobiles, and what’s most importat how to sell it. I think this was a very usefull speaking.
    In the future i hope make some application and sell it. I don’t think it needs to be improved. And of course i would recomend it for colleages who likes android.

  14. Laura says:

    Question 1: Yes, I learn basics instructions of Android and how to use there.
    Question 2: Yes, it’s usefull for me. I think that it’s very interesting.
    Question 3: I will try to create Android applications.
    Question 4: I think that the course is very good and it don’t need change.
    Question 5: The test is very good
    Question 6: Yes, I recommend the course to my father for example because he is interesting in Android and he is an engineer.

  15. Luis says:

    I think that the talk are very interesting for people that wants to begin Android programming. I use my skills to do any simple program to my mobile and to learn more about the limits of java and XML languaje. I think that the course is very interesting for all this persons that wants to begin Android programming. I recomend for all of this persons.

  16. Adrian Sanz Contreras says:

    Did you learn something?
    Yes, I have learned a lot about how they work android applications and opening up to detect and investigate for myself more on this topic.
    Is it usefull to you?
    Has been useful, is another programming language to learn.
    How do you plan to use your skills after the course be improved?
    Try to improve in order to create my own applications.
    How was the test?
    Would you recommend this course to your friends or collegues?
    Yes, it is very interesting.

  17. Did you learn something?
    Yes, I have learned a lot about Android. Also, know the full Java language, and I think I am familiar with the Android environment.
    Is it usefull to you?
    Sí, porque ahora ya se programar en otro lenguaje distinto.
    How do you plan to use your skill after the course?
    The truth is that not to do with what they learn in the future.
    How could the course be improved?
    In my opinion, the only major problem is that the course was in English, and some are not very familiar with this language.
    How was the test?
    I tried to create the calculator, but I have not finish it, because do not know java programming.
    Would you recommend this course to your friends or collegues?
    Yes, they would learn a lot.

  18. Daniel Siguero says:

    Yeah, I learn a lot about Android programming, XML layouts…!
    The course has been interesting and cause this I’m interested on develop my own applications.
    I think that if you explain something about SQLite DB on Android, or how use their hardware (GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, Accelerometer…)
    Finally I recomend this course for everyone that wants to start on Android Programming

  19. Ismael Escudero Paredes says:

    – Did you learn something?
    · Yes, I learn how introduce to Programming android
    – Is it usefull to you?
    · Yes, because i have a android’s movile phone
    – How do you plan to use your skills after the course?
    · I hope use all of y had learn to use more things in mi movile phone
    – How could the course be improved?
    · I think that it can be better if whit tero come a translator because somethings I couldn’t stand
    – How was the test?
    · It was ok
    – Would you recommend this course to your friends or collegues?
    · Yes, from all the people that are interesting in android

  20. Carlos says:

    1:Yes, I have learned how to program simple applications for android.
    2:This course has been a great help in planning applications in the near future.
    3:For planning applications in the near future.
    4:There is little room for improvement, but a translator would be nice, because my English is not very good.
    5:Is very good.
    6:Recommend this course to my friends and colleagues informatic that have not attended the course because the future is in mobile devices.

  21. Álvaro Peláez Santana says:

    Here a little feedback:
    -Did you learn something?
    I learned a lot about how starting with Android, first tricks, and about Android market. (I have never programmed for Android before).
    -Is it usefull to you?
    I don’t own an Android phone (now I’m sure next will have it). As programmer I see a good place with a great market to start with little applications.
    -How do you plan to use your skills after the course?
    I want to improve a little my skills, and start making some aplications I have in mind. In a future i will think about publishing some aplications.
    -How could the course be improved?
    Learning (and teaching) something new to the audience may be difficult. Maybe bringing code to the students, so they can manipulate it while you do at the screen will help. Anycase this course is quite good.
    -Would you recommend this course?
    I have some friends quite interested in Android that I would definetly recommend this course.

  22. Alfonso Santamaria Rodriguez says:

    Do you learn something?
    In this lecture, i have learnt a lot about how android applications works, it has been very usefull to me.
    Is usefull to you?
    Of course, i learnt a lot.
    How do yo plan to use your skill after the course?
    Well, this course has made me get interested in android applications, so i will try to make some applications.
    How could be the course be improved?
    This course is good, in my opinion it doesn’t need any change.
    How was the test?

    Would you recomend this course to your friends or collegues?

  23. Daniel Lobo says:

    -Did you learn something?
    Yes, I learned the basics of programming with the android SDK
    -Is it usefull to you?
    Yes: before, I couldn’t develop android application, but I can now .
    -How do you plan to use your skills after the course?
    I want play with Android SDK to make some test applications.
    -How could the course be improved?
    The course would be perfect for me with two improvements:
    – Spanish language (I know that I have to learned it but the reality isn’t that. :S)
    -Both classes may be practical.
    -Would you recommend this course?
    Yes, of course! I can begin develop android applications now! ^_^
    Sorry for my English.
    Thank you so much!