Demo Coming: 30 Ubuntus Installed & Managed

Update: Just came from lab and saw it working. The whole lab of 24 computers was installed. Only a couple of computers needed manual reboot (EFI BIOS settings, DHCP timeout). Configuring computers worked, too.
AwaseConfigurations is almost ready. They can now do the whole thing to 30 computers: boot them, install Linux and manage them trough the network. Configuration management is centralized with Fabric.
They have Cobbler (install), Squid (proxy), Reprepro (apt), configuration packages (apt) and of course SSH. You can get configuration files, scripts, packages and project plans from git.

$ git clone

I’ll get to see a demonstration this (w47) Friday.
AwaseConfigurations is a project by my students Henri Siponen, Armens Movsesjans and Panu Salmi. Read more in AwaseConfigurations blog.

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