Ideas for Automation with Centralized Configuration Tool

You automated everything with cfengine, puppet or fabric. It works so smoothly that you are now looking for some more things to automate.

  • Wireless WEP/WPA passwords, make available to all users in each slave
  • Add shortcuts to desktop
  • Add language support. With spell checking; at least Finnish, English and English in Denmark ie. English with modern metric units.
  • Change login screen image
  • Ssh client configuration
    • Some hosts+ports (maybe even use it with dotdee)
    • Ssh server public keys, so that there is no first time fingerprint warning
  • Firefox bookmarks, start page
  • default template. Disable a stupid warning “Do you really want to save this as [HTML/doc…]”
  • A4 paper size everywhere
  • ISO-8601 dates: 2011-11-14 10:51
  • Add a printer, so that clicking print button on OpenOffice (libreoffice) toolbar prints on nearest printer without questions (and with correct paper size)
  • Mount a directory from server: sshfs + create users with same uid, gid on each slave
  • Modify the message shown to user when opening a new terminal. Eg. you could link to help on
  • Install and configure WordPress to a user
  • Some Firefox plugins preconfigured (no questions to user): Addblock, Web Developer.
  • Add some hardware checking, like running SMART hard disk scan weekly or just enabling SMART.
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