We Wrote a Book about Mind Controlled Robot

Lot of photos in our book "Make: Mind Controlled Arduino Robot".

Think about it – and it moves. Think harder, the robot moves faster. But don’t worry; as a robot it knows to avoid the black border so it doesn’t fall off the table.
Make: Mind Controlled Arduino Robot” shows you how to build your own. You learn to measure attention level with a NeuroSky EEG headband and send this information into Arduino. You will also build a line-avoiding system into the bot. And, of course, you will build the chassis of your robot from scratch.
Just sent manuscript to O’Reilly. Pre-order from Amazon. (No, it doesn’t read your toughts – but it does measure attention with EEG)
I wrote the book with Kimmo Karvinen. Our editor is Brian Jepson, our technical advisor is Ville Valtokari.

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