Agenda for Linux Basics dat8tf063-18 Spring 2012

Learn the basics of Linux in just 8 weeks! Tero teaches all the classes in h5001, Fridays 08:15-11:45.
Linux Basics on Moodle (login required).
Feel free to check comments from previous course.


Installation w3
2 Desktop Linux, Licenses w4
3 Command Prompt w5
4 Package Management and Administration w6
5 Apache Web Server w7
w8 winter holiday, play with Linux
6 OpenSSH Server and Client w9
7 Automation w10
8 Exam w11
Course ends at the exam in the end of the 1st period.


Do on a computer & publish a report.
DL w5: Install & Desktop:

  • Burn a Linux CD (ubuntu or xubuntu)
  • Try the Live CD outside lab (install not required)
  • Desktop software: list software you are currently using (eg. Microsoft Word); name it’s purpose (WYSIWYG word processor); find a Free Linux alternative, if you can.
  • Test three of these Free software applications. (Try to pick software that’s new to you. Use the software for its intended purpose – do more than just starting it)

Publish & return the link to Moodle. (Publishing recommended, but it’s possible to just return the text to Moodle, too).

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8 Responses to Agenda for Linux Basics dat8tf063-18 Spring 2012

  1. DL w6: CLI and Admin:
    – Learn by heart all the commands in Commands for Admin and Command Line Basics
    – Create a one long ‘sudo apt-get install’ command that installs your favorite software
    – Logs: do three things to generate three lines to logs. Explain (analyze) these lines in detail

  2. Homework DL w9:
    – Practice Apache+user home pages installation with a live CD
    – Install LAMP. Check “karvinen blikent notes” for advice.
    Voluntary extras:
    – Read user inputs with PHP+forms. Check Documentation: Simple tutorial.
    – Create a PHP application that reads MySQL database
    Harder, voluntary extras:
    – Use command line ‘mysql’ to create, read, update and delete records from a database.
    – Create a PHP CRUD application

  3. Tero Karvinen says:

    Homework DL w10 SSH
    – Create and test (over ssh) user for “Maija Mehiläinen”
    – Publish a web page as “Maija Mehiläinen”, while connected trough ssh
    – Find out what are: public key / asymmetric encryption, symmetric encryption, man in the middle, two way authentication, strong encryption.
    – Learn this by heart

  4. Tero Juola says:

    Kiitos hyvästä kurssista.
    Hienoa, että kurssi järjestyi näin pienelle ryhmälle.
    Linuxin käyttö tuli tutuksi ja itsevarmuus Linuxin käyttämiseksi kasvoi huimasti.
    Tämän kurssin jälkeen ei tee mieli enää koskea Windowsiin edes pitkällä tikulla nurkantakaa suojalasit päässä 🙂

  5. Thank you for this course, I really enjoyed it!
    The best thing about the course is that we learn a lot of very useful things that might not be directly related to the course, although seem to be extremely useful. It makes the course really useful and enjoyable.
    The only suggestion I have about the course is, maybe, giving instructions for each process step by step. Although it would be cool if those instructions would not have exact commands, but the idea of what should be done (eg: enable php in user directories by modifying the appropriate file in the apache folder).

  6. Alexander Strelchenko says:

    I have gone through this course. I think this is really interesting course which giving the essential knowledge for future usage of Linux systems! I am really glad to participate on this course, and is going forward for the more advanced course from Tero! 🙂

  7. hailemeskel says:

    it was good i get some thing on it, you showed me how open source is very interesting i hope u will make me fan of it.
    thank you very much!!!

  8. Kevin Dunn says:

    Yes, i learned alot about Linux. I might try and continue trying out Linux later on after this course. The class about the apache webserver was probably the most interesting one. Yeah i would. A bit challenging but interesting aswell.