Agenda for Linux Basics dat8tf063-19 Autumn 2012

Learn the basics of Linux in just 8 weeks! Tero teaches all the classes in h5001, Mondays 12:00-15:45.
Linux Basics 19 on Moodle (login required).


1 Installation w34
2 Desktop Linux, Licenses w35
3 Command Prompt w36
4 Package Management and Administration w37
5 Apache Web Server w38
6 OpenSSH Server and Client w39
7 Automation w40
8 Exam w41
Course ends at the exam in the end of the period.


Course grade consists of homework (50%) and exam (50%).
Homework is evaluated with homework reports and quizzes at class time. Homework reports are returned weekly, for example by publishing on the web and returning the link. We’ll talk about homeworks at the beginning of each class, and you can get oral feedback on your work. All homework is evaluated at the end of the course with one grade, based on a package of combined homework. Still, each individual homework must be completed before next class.

Previous Courses and Links

Feel free to check comments from previous courses.
Course description.
Course uses Xubuntu Linux (xubuntu-12.04-desktop-i386.iso).

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12 Responses to Agenda for Linux Basics dat8tf063-19 Autumn 2012

  1. Try on the desktop
    – Install LibreOffice
    – Writer: Create a word processor document. Write structured text (h1, h2… p) and add a picture. Save as odt (The free OASIS format), html, doc, pdf. Keep master copy as odt. Prefer Free image or one that you own.
    – Spreadsheet: for x, write integers from 1 to 100. In another column, calculate x+5. In a third column, calculate x+a where user can change a. Draw a graph of this.
    – Impress: create a slideshow. KISS – keep it simple & stupid. B&W, bullet points, large fonts, few words. Add a slide with a single image filling the slide. Add your name and homepage URL. Save ods, ppt, pdf.

  2. Mohamed Guettaf says:

    The course is great, although I haven’t been in classes a lot, but it has pointed me to the greatness of Xubuntu, i tried to study on my own with the guide of the teacher’s material provided in his site, but still I wished to find more detailed tutorial in the teacher site, hopefully in the future we will see the site with these kind of tutorials and why not and recorded in videos, defenatly I will be from now on using linux

  3. Mengwei Lu says:

    The course is very interesting. I had no idea about Linux before I took this course. Now I know how to use Linux and I also installed Xubuntu to my laptop. It was very useful course. I think I am going to continue using Linux after the course. I think the apache part is very interesting. And I am also interetsted in the programming languages in linux. Python is very nice, I think I will try to learn that later. I hope there will be more Linux course in English. And I will defenitely recommend this course to others. Thanks a lot for the course!

  4. Sunil Shrestha says:

    The course was very interesting and i specally enjoyed learning Apache and ssh servers. Though this course was basic, its a window to opensource. It would be nice to have this couse as compulsory courses and would look forward to have some advanced linux course in Englis also.

  5. Yuqing He says:

    In this course, I am very happy that I have attend this course, I have learned quite a lot on Linux, as I did not know anything about Linux before the task. In my opinion, each subject that we have covered were very useful, as we have learnt how to create a webpage on Linux for different user, how to add users and control access to the server, etc. To me, this is a very interesting course and I would like to learn more about linux in the future. I have already recommended my friend about this course. Thanks a lot, the teacher was very clear on each subject and the structure of the course was very clear, which is easy for us to learn, its a great course! Thank you Tero.

  6. Danny says:

    I have definately learned something on this course. Before this course I didn’t know anything about Linux and I was very interested in it, because I don’t like Windows. So I could say that it was a usefull course for me and I gained pretty much knowledge of Linux. I am not sure if I would use it very often at home because I’m working mainly with OS X and that just works perfect. I might use it sometimes when I have to use my Windows laptop and to keep my knowledge up-to-date.
    I would recommend this course to a friend if they are looking something to minimize the use of Windows.
    In general I think the course was good and I learned pretty much. I maybe should have put a little bit more time and effort in this course because I have to admitt that I haven’t been a lot with Linux while having this course.
    The homeworks I did all, but it was a little bit confusing for me sometimes…there was also no information on Moodle about what is discussed during the class, which could come in handy when you miss a class.

  7. Jonas Aryee says:

    Learning about linux is interesting. Terror helped us a lot in class in understanding most of the concepts, but majority of the task is left for us to figure things out and to know when to do what and how to do what. I have not regretted taking this course and i know i have the needed skills to prove myself when ever i get the opportunity to do so. Thanks to Terror Karvinen.
    Admin edit: URL -> – Terror Karvinen

  8. Joel Reyes says:

    The course was good, I don’t use linux that much but know I now know one or two things about it.
    I would have like to have some kind of detail step by step material for each single task.

  9. Harri says:

    The course was very interesting. I had done some previous linux courses, but as I hadnt use linux for a long time, this was a good way to rehearse things. The most interesting thing was terminal commands, all of them. It was nice to see how flexible the unix system is, you can program and execute nice thing, for example with shell scripts. I am definitely planning to take more Linux courses.

  10. Suresh Pun says:

    Before i came to this class, I didn’t have any knowlegde about the linux and it’s uses but after the class I enjoyed read and I thanks for this course. I found this course so useful and good. This course must be continue in english section also. It would be nice id it had longer weeks.
    Last but not the least “Thanks for the course !!!”

  11. asfaw says:

    Do I learn something?
    Offcourse I do being familiar with Linux is one of the best time I had in this term. And all your teaching style help me to focus properly. Sometimes its difficult to understand some of the terms because you are a little bit fast.

  12. Mewded says:

    As far as I am concerned, I would say Libux course was a good experience in a way that I got a great deal of knowledge about free sofwares. I didn’t know that linux operating system doesn’t need anti virus; it gave me a hint how to it in the future for this reason. And I also learned how to use free software for free. If it is possible to learn advanced linux courses, I want to participate. Thanks a lot for you help to learn Linux