Design a Learning Product – 5 Day Workshop in Bikent, Ankara

Edit: The work is done now! Check out the Products Designed in 5 Days.

Innovate a new learning product in a 5 day workshop. Work in a small, diverse group of students from (Haaga-Helia) Finland and Bilkent (Turkey).
Design a Learning Product -workshop is arranged in Bilkent, Ankara. The workshop starts on w23 Sunday 2012-06-10 and ends w24 Saturday w2012-06-16.
Groups of 3-4 persons innovate a product related to learning. Each group has students from Haaga-Helia Finland and Bilkent Turkey. Also, groups will mix business and IT students.

Free Flights and Accommodation

Haaga-Helia offers free flights to participants. Bilkent University offers free simple accommodation in two-person rooms.

Who Can Apply

You have to be a student in the Haaga-Helia innovator track and be able to speak English (you’re already reading this, right?).
We can take 6-8 students. If needed, the applicants are priorized with the following: published projects (including homepages, school projects…), experience with open source technologies or success in studies and an interview.

Email You Application by Friday 11 May

Send your application by email to Tero Karvinen, Applications are shared with organizers in Bilkent university. In plain text email body, write

  • a short application
  • link to your homepage (or similar)
  • resume in English

Bilkent students can contact Nur Sa─člam (nsaglam@) to apply.


w23 Sun 2012-06-10	Flight to Turkey
w24 Mon 2012-06-11	1. Ideas
w24 Tue 2012-06-12      2. Design
w24 Wed 2012-06-13      3. Demonstration
w24 Thu 2012-06-14      4. Publish
w24 Fri 2012-06-15	5. Presentations & Party
w24 Sat 2012-06-16	Flight back to Finland

Flight dates have been decided. There might be other changes in daily program, though.
Apply now, email to Tero Karvinen. Edit: Course has finished. Check out the products designed!

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