Exam of Linux Basics 18 – Spring 2012

This was the practical exam for Linux Basics 18.

The exam was in computer lab h5001 in Haaga-Helia Pasila, Helsinki. Students worked with Ubuntu Live CD’s (one of 11.04, 11.10, 12.04 beta1) and empty HP Compaq 8200 computers.
For participants with Haaga-Helia accounts, evaluation is in Winha (login req) and personal feedback in Moodle (login req).

Task: Ar & Dui Ltd

Hello, and welcome to Ar & Dui Ltd. We’re an all open source embedded company.
Could you install us a workstation with typical software, such as a web browser and word processor?
This is us: Jorma Mähkylä, Pekka Hurme, Håkan Petersson, Jim Jones, Einari Vähäkäähkä, CEO Eija Väntäri.
Each of us wants a homepage. We can update our homepages over SSH.
Jim likes Java. Install required applications and compile a hello world so he can get started quickly.
Create a shell script that allows any user to easily check the ip number of the computer and their own username.

Rules briefly

Forbidden: Two-way communication, any items not specifically allowed, speaking without permission, looking others monitors.
Forbidden: Paper notes, mobile phones, logging in to anything else but the local computer.
Allowed: Browsing public web, using search engines
Teacher watching the exam could be monitoring your computers, hard drives, network and your monitor, so don’t handle any data that’s secret in the real world.

The End

Verify that you have

  • All required documents and tests open on your screen (this is how I evaluate it)
  • Your name and student number is on the documents
  • Your screen is unlocked and your saver will not lock screen
  • You have left feedback: Did you learn something? Was it usefull? How are you going to use skills after course? Which class was the most interesting? Would you recommend this course to a friend or a collegue?

After the course: Install Linux at home and blog about technology. Join Haaga-Helia Linux Club. Read HackerNews. Make Arduino Bots with open source tools. Or build a satellite, like David. Try Xubuntu 12.04 beta.
Puhutko Suomea (speaking Finnish)? Tervetuloa muillekin kursseilleni: Linuxin keskitetty hallinta (puppet, fabric…), Prototyypin rakentaminen, Linux-projekti.

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2 Responses to Exam of Linux Basics 18 – Spring 2012

  1. Hi Tero!
    The course was really interesting. Even though I’ve been using Linux for many years I enjoyed the course and had fun during the classes.
    Python was a nice discovery, it is a language I had never used before.
    Take care!

  2. Thanks for the comments (on this page and on http://terokarvinen.com/2012/agenda-for-linux-basics-dat8tf063-18-spring-2012#comments
    After reading the answers, I would say these tips apply here, too:
    Congratulations to all who passed the course!