Exam of Linux Basics 19 – Autumn 2012

Update: Evaluation of the course is in Winha. Congratulations for everyone who passed the demanding course. Thank you for your feedback.

RoundThePlanet Ltd

Welcome to RoundThePlanet Ltd, a satellite company.
Our company has 7 employees: Jorma Mähkylä, Pekka Hurme, Ronaldo Smith, Håkan Petersson, Jim Jones, Einari Vähäkäähkä, Eija Väntäri.


Install a workstation for us. We want to browse the web and write documents with OpenOffice.
Create sample homepages for everyone.
Pekka programs in Python, so put a hello world in a file in his home directory. Håkan programs in PHP, create him a hello world with that. Jorma programs in Java, create him a “Hello world” with Java.
We want to access our computers remotely. We heard you’re travelling around the planet (like our cubesats), so prepare to manage the computer from abroad.

Put a list of passwords in a text file “users.txt” on your own home directory. Protect it with ‘chmod og-rwx users.txt’.

Rules briefly

Forbidden: Two-way communication, any items not specifically allowed, speaking without permission, looking others monitors.
Forbidden: Paper notes, mobile phones, logging in to anything else but the local computer.
Allowed: Browsing public web, using search engines.

The End

Verify that you have

  • All required documents and tests open on your screen (this is how I evaluate it). The file with all passwords (including the one with sudo) on screen. A big window (like browser) covering other windows.
  • Your name and student number is on the documents
  • Your screen is unlocked and your saver will not lock the screen
  • You have left feedback: Did you learn something? Was it usefull? How are you going to use skills after course? Which class was the most interesting? Would you recommend this course to a friend or a collegue? Anything else on your mind?

Thank you! Remember to play with Linux at home.

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8 Responses to Exam of Linux Basics 19 – Autumn 2012

  1. Antony Njoki says:

    The course was interesting,infact i was able to learn more about free software like ubuntu and its advantages.
    The course opened a room for me to explore the free software world and avoid some unnecessary costs incurred buying some expensive softwares which have been advertised and makes everyone believe they are superb.
    The exam was not difficult but demaded one to have practised using some linux exercises beforehand else everything went well and i would recommend other students to enroll for the course.
    I will continue practising and learning more about linux from your page which is resourcefull.
    Thanks a Lot karvinen!!!!!

  2. Saroj Pradhan says:

    Thank you for enriching us with your knowledge. I enjoy and learn lots of new thing in this class. Overall the class is productive and fruitful.
    Kindest regards
    Saroj Pradhan

  3. Sergey Alto says:

    Thank you for interesting course.
    Unfortunately is is too short, but, anyway, I have learned so much.
    Main things for me:
    1.administration of Linux system
    2.Apache server
    4.Programming environment in Linux
    Linux is very powerful tool for everyday life. I’m sure, knowledge I got will be useful…

  4. Artem Astashenkov says:

    It’s a good course, and though I had some prior knowledge, I also learned something new. It’d be great if there was a more intensive version of this course (fewer hours, more topics).
    Thanks, Tero!

  5. Emrah Okic says:

    thank you for the course. even though I had another course running at same slot and I couldn’t attend the lectures I found material and instructions very helpful. I was able to complete 6/7 homeworks and 6/8 exam tasks. thank you, learned quite well!

  6. Chandni Sharma says:

    Thanks for the course! It was structured quite well. Apache, command line and ssh were really interesting topics to learn. Would like to learn more. Will join more courses.
    I would definitely recommend the course to my friends. Playing more and more will help.

  7. Hans Kärtner says:

    The class was great, the atmosphere was very relaxed, so you could ask questions at any time and everything was chill. Tero is great at explaining things and making sure the students understand it well.
    I’m confident that all the students attending his classes were able to always keep up with the pace and learn the things he was talking about, which is a very good thing – and something some other teachers seem to not be able to do.
    The overall structure for the course was pretty good too, with a focus on actually completing each assignment on your own, which is a good thing since it gives the students the practical experience. Logging all the tasks done on a WordPress blog is nice as well, for multiple reasons, but even especially so for the fact that it also additionally teaches the students how to write tutorials or documentation.
    Although I had some prior Linux experience, I was able to brush up on my fundamentals, fix a couple of mistakes I’d been making in the past, and learn some new things.
    I didn’t attend many classes, but out of the ones I attended, the SSH one was most interesting.
    I’d be glad to recommend the course to others, and it’d be great for me to see my other classmates, who didn’t enroll on this course this semester yet, attending it in the upcoming next semesters.
    Anyways, overall it was really great, no complaints on my part. Thanks, Tero!

  8. Katalina Kivinen says:

    Thank you very much for the course!
    I had some basics knowledge of Linux a long while ago and forgotten pretty much everything. During this course was able to remember most of it.
    Sadly couldn’t attend all the classes because of my timetable, but those classes where I’ve been were very interesting and useful.
    Will definitely recommend the course to others!
    And separate thanks to a wonderful teacher Tero!