Teaching PhoneGap – Write Apps in Javascript and HTML5

I’ll teach the next mobile development course in PhoneGap.
The Haaga-Helia course Mobiilituotekehitys bus4tn008-2 will be in Finnish. The course seems to be fully booked already, but you can get a place if someone cancels. I’ll teach the course with Lili Aunimo.


In my tests, PhoneGap seemed easy to use once I got it installed. As usual, Hello World was the most difficult program.
Maybe PhoneGap makes writing simple apps simple (eg. the Boxing Clock).

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2 Responses to Teaching PhoneGap – Write Apps in Javascript and HTML5

  1. I have released couple of apps too with PhoneGap.
    This was the first one which is quite informative when you are in need of it, and also nice for students in Haaga-Helia! And it took me something like two hours to make it, including the time you prepare the material for publishing in Google Play.

  2. Looks nice! Two hours for a published app is fast.
    Nice addition to the Apps you did with native Android Java