Products Designed in 5 Days

Intensive course in Ankara, a co-operation between Turkish Bilkent and Finnish Haaga-Helia.
ProQuiz – Mobile contest about math and programming! (Android App on Google Play + Mosquito)

Social Ebooks – We are making the highlights social, so anyone can share their highlights on books. (HTML5+Javascript interactive demo)

Touch & Learn: A learning game  for preschoolers. (iPad App)

EES Erasmus Experience Sharing (background; HTML+Javascript interactive demo)

ShareSkill – Find members for your school projects. (PHP+MySQL prototype)

One Week Course in Ankara

Create a Learning Product course was in Bilkent University, Ankara. It was a collaborative project between Finnish Haaga-Helia UAS and Turkish Bilkent. According to Times Higher Education Ranking, Bilkent is the best in Turkey. Haaga-Helia is one of the leading universities of applied sciences in Finland.
3-4 person groups consisted a mix of students: Turkish and Finnish, business and technology. They had just 5 days to have an idea and turn it into product.
Projects succesfully published a result on the web. Completition level varied from interactive demo to software in Google Play (aka Android Market).
And we had great fun, thanks to our hosts!

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17 Responses to Products Designed in 5 Days

  1. I learned better english I think, I learned prototyping and deployement of products.
    I found these very useful.
    I plan to continue prototyping and finding the ULTIMATE PRODUCT!
    I think the course was very very good prototyping course and really cannot say how you could make it better. Maybe better air conditioning to keep brains from melting!
    Presentations were good and it was nice to see what the teams eventually came up.
    I would definetly recommend this course to others since it was a great experience visiting Turkey and meeting all the nice people here! Schoolswise it was a great learning experience too!

  2. I have learned a lot in this past week about innovative project making. We only had 5 working days to create the project from scratch and it was such a fun experience to make the project happen in this short time. I want to thank people who made this whole course available to us and I would definitely recommend it to everybody! 🙂

  3. Kağan Tonyukuk FİKRİ says:

    I really liked the end product of the course. I believe with a better and a bigger organization a better course could be done. I will be looking forward for such an organization.

  4. Course was really good what we had. It was really interesting to do job with people you don’t know and they have different culture. We of course learned lot about project timeline, how we make products.
    Course could be improved with more time and free idea. So there would be no any limits with ideas. Of course “learning product” is all about how you want to say it or market it, but still.
    Presentations in the end were very good. It’s amazing how another groups also did amazing fast job.
    I will recommend this this course to my friends. This was really fun and different way to learn than only sitting in HAAGA-HELIA’s aquarium rooms.

  5. Dilara Atesogullari says:

    I learn more things when we apply our project.I think not only our project but also all project is useful and effective.I want to cont. my education in this way. This project teach to me a lot of things like learn new language like Objective C… I think this project is so good you should keep all of things which is included in this course.Presentations is so effective. It’s aim that prepare us to real life…

  6. Osman Ünalan says:

    It was a great experience to work as a group. I learned something about marketinig things and 4p. The presentations are quite good and groups has done great job for just 5 days. Some prototyps can easly turn into real projects. The course was ok, some changes can be done about locations or hours but the basics are fine. Of course I recommend this course to my friends I think everyone has something to learn from this context(tecnical or social). Thanks for everything!

  7. Cem Göktuğ Sorgun says:

    The process and content of this course was really useful to me because of the team working. Thanks to this project, I learnt many things about publishing a project and the business side of a product. In the future, I may use this knowledge to public my projects. Although there are a lot of good sides of this course, the short time given to prepare to this product is really an issue. In a longer time, we may able to come up with the full product. Yet, the high speed working of groups should be kept. Aside from these, presentations of projects was good and various. It is good to not see many same type of presentations. Also they are very informative.

  8. Oğuzalp Ertunç says:

    It was such a enjoyable and beneficial activity. I have practised about teamwork and i think it was very usefull. Course can be improved by the time management. Activity period was very short i think I will recommend this activity to my friends.

  9. I learned how to create i simple prototype for a project and little bit about the business side of starting a new project. i leraned that keeping demos simple might be usefull for me in the future. the course could be a bit longer in the future. i would recommend this course for my friends.

  10. I really like the course. Its not everyday that we got chance do multicultural project in school. Every group managed to do really nice demos in very short time.
    The only thing the course needs is a way to easily continue working on the project. Maybe the course could be before the first semester and the groups could continue working in their own schools during the school year.
    I would definitely recommed course to my friends.

  11. Lauri Soivi says:

    Yeah i learned much. It was good expirience to do project with different people. It was good to my english to do project talking only english. I think there is nothing to improve. I think best thing was working in groups, doing the project and talking english. Presentations was good. I think every group did good job in one week. Of course i recommend this. This was so different course to compare to other courses. I hope you can do this course another time to new students.

  12. tuba says:

    The project was very usefull for us and we try to make new thinks and ofcouse these are more beneficial.but after the this course I can not nothing about this project becouse I dont know about the codeing but ofcouser in these kind of project , I can take a role in marketing and pr part.

  13. Eray says:

    I learn a lot of thing, it is very usefull for me. I plan to user my skill in my future plan. This course almost perfect, there is no need anymore to improve. The best thing is combination of different ideas and it should be keep. Our social activities also perfect, ı enjoyed fully.

  14. Onat says:

    I learned more about management. It gives me great chance to have a working prototype in a day.
    Diversity is one of the most important part in this course for me. I will use the experience which I gained from this course to improve my projects. I would definitely recommend this course to my friends. I think presentations needs to be more organized.

  15. I learned about the processes of innovating new products; how ideas are produced and refined in to new and working ideas. The course is quite intense and it really makes it easier for you and your group to nail the right idea to follow through on the first day. I liked the course as it is and didn’t really find much to improve, of course a few extra days would’t hurt. I definetly enjoyed the course and of course our new turkish friends and I would attend this course again in a heartbeat!

  16. Erkan Uçar says:

    I would like to put a couple of thank you notes: to Tero and Minna from HH for initiating the whole event, Tero for his dedication and guidance throughout 5 full days, Nur, Güliz, Ebru and Elif and Oğuz from BIM for their invaluable support for providing the environment, infrastructure and their hospitality, Syed from CTIS for his voluntary support and guidance to the teams. I would like to congratulate all 18 students (5 teams) for their effort in the whole process. Special thanx and congrats go to CTIS students Osman, Çağdaş, Onat, Sarpdoruk, Dilara, Oğuzalp, Dilara and Tuğberk for the hospitality they have shown for social activities and their contributions for their teams.

  17. Erkan Uçar says:

    and Cem Goktug Sorgun for sure …