Puppet Reading List

*Starting documents are marked with asterisk “*” and bold.

Getting Started with Puppet

Hello Puppet – on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS*
Learning Puppet

Master and Slave

PuppetMaster on Ubuntu 12.04*


Learning Puppet: Modules and Classes (Part One)
Learning Puppet: Parameterized Classes (Modules, Part Two)
Puppet Module Cheat Sheet
Puppet 2.7 Reference: Module Fundamentals


$ puppet describe file
$ puppet resource file /etc/passwd

Type Reference
Puppet Cookbook*

Language: Advanced techniques

Custom functions

Sample modules

Ever wondered how the Wikimedia servers are configured? (Git repository)
Mozilla uses Puppet (browse or ‘hg clone http://hg.mozilla.org/build/puppet‘)
US Government Baseline uses Puppet (puppet-sdc-dist.tar.gz)
Puppet Forge
Search “puppet” on GitHub (has more modules than Forge)
Some modules by students in timetable comments
AwaseRoot (by students Henri & Armens) has some puppet. Armens now uses puppet at work. (‘git clone https://github.com/awaseroot/awaseroot.git‘)

Legacy platforms

Puppet was originally made for Linux-like platforms, but it could also work on Windows: Puppet with Windows clients, Puppetmaster and Windows Agent: Simple module


Puppet errors explained
Updated multiple times. Added Mozilla and AwaseRoot Puppet repositoris. 2012-12-21: US Government Puppet baseline. 2015-11-18: Dead links marked: Learning Puppet linked page relevant content gone, some others 404..

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  1. Matt says:

    outstanding tutorial. thanks very much for putting it together.