Exam of Linux Basics dat8tf063-22 in Autumn 2013

This is the practical exam for Linux Basics 22. The participants started with an empty computer (no operating system) and a Linux Live CD. Participants could read the public Internet during the exam.

Installation and Preparation

Install operating system to the computer.

  • Set the hostname to ‘b’ and the the number on the feet of your monitor, for example ‘b27’.
  • Use your real name for the real name of the user.

Install TeroWatch

wget http://terokarvinen.com/qrs/terorep/pool/main/t/terorep/terorep_0.0.3_all.deb
sudo dpkg -i terorep_0.0.3_all.deb
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get -y install terowatch openssh-server

To test the installation of terowatch, run command terowatch. It must respond with “TeroWatch is installed.”.
Do not proceed before you have installed terowatch.


ThreeRound is a new startup specializing in custom built software. You’re our new CIO and IT-department. Welcome!
This is our company: Maija Välikari, John Doe, Äijä Yrmy, Teija Vanhakuja-Oikarinen, Teppo Kärniö.


Create users for everyone.
Write all users names and passwords to a text file ‘services.txt’ in your home directory. The file is /home/yourname/services.txt, where yourname is your login name. Include your own (sudo user’s) password and user name.
Protect the file so that other users can’t read it.


Create a sample homepages for everyone. Leave all homepages open on tabs after the exam.
Maija and Äijä want to do PHP coding, so create “hello PHP world” for each of them.


ThreeRound wants to create new commands of its own. Write a sample shell script ‘threeround’, and make it available for all users. Any user should be able to run the command while in any directory, without specifying path.
Run the command, and leave a terminal open showing it run.

Remote access

All users want to access the computer remotely from various countries. Make it possible for users to access the system remotely.
Leave a sample connection visible on the screen.

Ghosts in the LAN

They say that the previous operator of the network, fobarion, is now haunting the network. It is said passed away when he got a heart attack while trying to sort trough Snort packet logs. Now he connects to services he sees in the network.
Find proof that ‘fobarion’ tried to access your computer. He will always use the name ‘fobarion’ when he connects. Put this proof into ‘services.txt’ you created earlier.


Your feedback is very valuable to me, so thanks already!
Write free text feedback as comment to the timetable: Did you learn something? Is it usefull to you? How do you plan to use your skills after the course? How could the course be improved? How was the test? Would you recommend this course to your friends or collegues?
Give numeric feedback to Haaga-Helia WinhaOpaali

The End

1. Test everything you have built. Put the tests visible on screen.
2. Take a screenshot with all the tests (Print Scrn key). Save it to the default location in your home directory.
4. Write a brief list of what works and what doesn’t. Put your list into ‘services.txt’.
3. Check that the document you have written, services.txt, has

  • Your full name
  • Student number
  • All user names and passwords, including your own (sudo user) password

4. Make sure you gave me feedback, so that I can keep improving the course

Rules briefly

Forbidden: Two-way communication, any items not specifically allowed, speaking without permission, looking at others’ monitors.
Forbidden: Paper notes, mobile phones, logging in to anything else but the local computer. It also forbidden to erase or falsify logs, browser history or any other history data.
Allowed: Browsing public web, using search engines
Required: TeroWatch installed.
Teacher watching the exam could be monitoring your computers, hard drives, network and your monitor, and many other things, so don’t handle any data that’s secret in the real world.

After the Course

If you want maximum benefit from the course, install Linux at home and keep playing with it!

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