PupeSoft – Free Finnish ERP

PupeSoft running on Ubuntu. Picture by Kristian Latva.

Can you run a 70 million euro business on a Free ERP?
PupeSoft is a Free Finnish ERP system. It allows a company to control all aspects of its business: from accounting, customer relationship management to warehouse. My students have been quite interested in PupeSoft.
Terttu and Joonas interviewed the makers of PupeSoft, DevLab. Looking forward to their article. They also visited a Örum, a 70 million euro / year company that runs its business on PupeSoft.
Kristian wrote how to install PupeSoft on Ubuntu (in Finnish). Yes, you can try PupeSoft right away. It’s open source and Free software under GPL 2 or later.
Would you like to meet the guys who wrote PupeSoft? Meet them in Happy Hacking Day, Haaga-Helia, Helsinki, 2013-05-02.
>>> Free Ticket for Happy Hacking Day

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