Search Your Files with StackHay

StackHay can fulltext index your files. I published StackHay today.
“During development, StackHay was tested. A sample data of 13 terabytes, 12 million files was successfully indexed, and fulltext of 1.9 million files (16%) was extracted.” –
StackHay is Free software (GPL 3), written Python. It uses ElasticSearch and Lucene, the same NoSQL search engine that powers the search of GitHub, Wikipedia and StumbleUpon.
StackHay – Your files, your search, your StackHay.
UPDATE: Moved to

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One Response to Search Your Files with StackHay

  1. Jukka Juslin says:

    It would be great if the search engine of this website would be updated. I know in the past there was for example project to measure flower moisture levels, but I cannot find that project anymore. Otherside stackhay seems awesome!