Free SSL Certs, 50 Salt Slaves, 5 USD Raspberry Pi, Free Home Automation

Get free SSL cert for your business. Deploy and configure 50 servers to DigitalOcean. Buy RaspBerry Pi Zero for 5 USD (*actual price may vary). Automate your home. Read Ashkan’s thesis while he writes it.
Who can control most computers with Salt? Ilkka Jylhä took the lead in this friendly competition for students of my course “Linuxin keskitetty hallinta” (Linux configuration management). Ilkka automatically deployed and controlled 50 computers.
Free SSL certs. Yes, you can use them for production / e-commerce / company website. Let’s Encrypt opens next Thursday, on w49 2015-12-03.
Raspberry Pi Zero the 5 USD computer was published today. It really exists, a big component suplier Element 14 was selling it for 15,60 EUR (+shipping and handling) in the morning before it run out of stock. RasPi Zero has 1 GHz ARM processor, 0,5 GB RAM, USB socket and a HDMI 1080p socket. It does not have any internet connections, no GPIO header (but you can solder one in) and no permanent storage (you must buy an SD card).
My student Ashkan Yaldae is automating his home. He uses Free software, so you can actually program what your home does. Existing, commercial solutions can sometimes have poor, obscure security and very limited configuration. Ahskan’s Free software solution is gives you complete control. You can read Ashkans thesis on GitHub while he writes it. Or even better, star & watch his repository on GitHub to receive Ashkans changes as an RSS feed.

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