Offline References for HTML5, jQuery, CSS, Python, C++, Apache, PostgreSQL and others

Are you flying? Are you on a summer cottage far, far away? Internet working only on full moon?
Download free offline references for developers. Including HTML5, jQuery, CSS, Python, C++, Apache, PostgreSQL and others.
Update: direct link to download the dictionaries.

You can use them with GoldenDict (Linux, Windows, Mac) and Aarddict (Linux, Android).
They are compiled from DevDocs documents, which are scraped from various sources, usually from the official manuals of each project. These are alpha versions, created with an alpha quality converter I quickly wrote.


Download developer reference (40 MB zip).
Unzip it (‘unzip developer-reference*.zip).
Install GoldenDict and run it. ‘sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -y install goldendict’
Edit: Dictionaries.
On tab Sources: Files. Add… Select the directory with the aar dictionaries. Rescan now. OK
Search “index” to see your new dictionaries. The search field is on the top left in the toolbar. Other queries to try: “br”, “p”, “article”, “ready”.
Enjoy your offline dictionaries when flying next time.

For Developers only

This is the alpha version of I wrote. It’s difficult to install, so you probably don’t want it, but here it is anyway: You don’t need this package to use the dictionaries. You probably want to download the compiled dictionaries instead.

See also – Searchable documentation with an option to save docs to browser indexedDB
GoldenDict – Offline GUI dictionary program supporting many formats
AardDict 1 – Offline dictionary program with Android version, .aar format native client
AardDict for Android on F-Droid – Android version of Aardict. Yes, you can have Wikipedia (en+fi) and all developer docs from this page on your cell phone.
Updated: Have been using these for a while, updated bold text to reflect this. Update: Fixed link to compiled dictionaries.

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