So Many Slaves: 455 Docker, 100 VirtualBox, 65 physical workstations, 50 VPS

Nikolai has 455 slaves in Docker containers. Joona has 100 slaves in VirtualBox, Joonas and Matilda have 60 slaves, Heikki has 21.

This an ongoing competition for the students of my configuration management courses.

With a configuration management system like puppet, the administrator can describe the target state of all systems. Master computer informs slave computers of this goal, and slaves are configured automatically: software installed, users created, services started.
Update 2016-11-11: Nikolai Kleiman controls 455 slaves in Docker containers.
Joona Leppälahti controls 100 Virtualbox computers with one puppetmaster. Earlier, Joona controlled 12 computers. Joona created scripts that others have found useful in this competition.
Joonas Valsta and Matilda Sinervo are controlling 60 slaves running on VirtualBox.
Heikki Ma controls 21 slaves.
In previous course instances, Ilkka Jylhä had 50 virtual private servers with Salt.
Henri Sipponen, Armens Movsesjans and Panu Salmi automatically installed Linux to 65 physical workstations and controlled those with Fabric. They have extensively documented their work in their Github repo AwaseConfigurations/main and blogs AwaseConfigurations and AwaseRoot.
Updated: wordings, typos. 455 slaves.
Originally published on 2016-11-10.

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2 Responses to So Many Slaves: 455 Docker, 100 VirtualBox, 65 physical workstations, 50 VPS

  1. Nikolai Kleiman says:

    I have 251 slaves with one physical machine and one VirtualBox:

  2. Nikolai Kleiman says:

    Update: 455 agents using two additional laptops