Salt States – I Want My Computers Like This

Describe how you’d like your computers, and Salt will configure them. For example, I want Apache web server, with PHP and user homepages, on all my computers whose name starts with ‘web’.

To say the same in jargon: write your infrastructure as code, so that configuration management system, the single source of thruth, applies your states idempotently.

Prerequisites: we’re starting from a working master-slave setup.

Instructions to Slaves in Master /srv/salt/

Master gives instructions to slaves. On the master, these instructions are stored in /srv/salt/. You must create this folder.

$ sudo mkdir -p /srv/salt/

Create a hello world state.

$ sudoedit /srv/salt/hello.sls

The states (like hello.sls) are written in YAML. The indentation is two spaces. No, tabs will not work.

    - source: salt://hellotero.txt

The source path “salt://” means master’s /srv/salt/ directory. So the master copy of the file salt://hellotero.txt is in master’s /srv/salt/hellotero.txt.

$ sudoedit /srv/salt/hellotero.txt
See you at

Apply State on All Slaves

You can apply a single state once on all slaves with

$  sudo salt '*' state.apply hello

Top.sls Applied Automatically

Salt can control your slaves while you sleep! Create a top.sls file, and slaves apply it periodically

$ sudoedit /srv/salt/top.sls
    - hello

If you don’t want to wait for half an hour, you can apply the top file immediately

$  sudo salt '*' state.highstate

Well done, you can now have Salt control your slaves while you sleep.

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