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Commands for Admin

Some of the most important commands for admin. This article is a work in (slow) progress.

Sudo - Give a Single Commands with Root Priviledges

Make me a sandwitch. - Nope.

sudo Make me a sandwitch. - Right away sir.

(Todo: give credit to the author of this joke.)

Package Management - Installing Software

Update list of available packages. Run apt-get update before giving other apt commands.

$ sudo apt-get update

Search for software with keywords, no sudo needed.

$ apt-cache search dungeon adventure

Package name is the part before dash ‘-’. It is needed when installing.

nethack-console - Text-based overhead view D&D-style adventure game

Install software

$ sudo apt-get install nethack-console

Many programs are shown in the applications menu. For most command line applications, you have to find out the right command.

$ dpkg --listfiles nethack-console

Usually, the command is the file in one of the bin/ or game/ directories


So we run it with

$ nethack

To avoid addiction, only try that nethack runs. Don’t start playing the game.

In fact is best to remove the game

$ sudo apt-get remove nethack

Notes on Nethack

Maybe you shouldn’t start playing Nethack. But if you insist, game is easier to play with numpad enabled.

echo "OPTIONS=number_pad:1">$HOME/.nethackrc

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