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Downloads and Games


Mounttero - mount partitions automatically. Mounts USB drives and cameras, DVDs, CDROMs and hard drive partitions. (mounttero*.rpm, source, files).

Teromail summarizing webmail - a fully functional prototype of a webmail with a new user interface.

Tero-dump wikipedia to html converter extracts the worlds largest encyclopedia to static html for mirroring and cdroms. Wikipedia English 2003 dump on ftp.funet.fi: wikipedia-terodump-0.1.tar.bz (165 MB)

Ssh-uploadkeys - create and upload ssh key for passworldless authentication. Unlike other ssh key uploaders, ssh-uploadkeys asks password only once. Download shell script

un - uncompress zip, tar.bz, tar.gz, rar... by simply commanding “un foo.zip”.

Sysi system information tool beta - display system information such as cpu, memory, ip... Information about localhost: ‘sysi’. Information about a remote host trough ssh: ‘sysi loginname@example.com’. Currently works only on Red Hat / Fedora Linux, but it should be easy to make it work on other linuxes, bsd, MacOS X or any posix system. Beta.

VCalOne convert calendar between computer and Nokia (6820) cell phone.

Wheretero automatically detect physical location using network information. For setting keyboard layout on live-CDs.

Firetero firewall for a workstation or a server.

Opml-export-feeds exports feed urls from popular RSS/Atom format. Usefull with rawgod rss aggregator.

Tero's C++ Scripting lets you a run a source file: “./hello.cc”.

Hasheadings simple headings for Dokuwiki using the hash character “#”. Eg. “# heading1”, “## heading2”

WeelaPurkki Linux-based software for Weela.net free wifi access points.

HtmlPalaute Convert course feedbacks to human readable HTML.

Locand Tiny script to AND search filesystem with locate.

ScreenHere Tiny script to open screen(1) in current Nautilus directory.


You can play the games online too. pacman.jpg

Teriodic teaches the periodic table of the elements. Beta.

Terord helps learning business Swedish. Terord also provides a new version of the Javascript framework for creating “fill the blanks” language tests. 1.02 release version. For the record, I am against obligationary Swedish teaching in Finnish schools.


mplayer-video-thumbnailer Show video thumbnails (REC, rm...) in nautilus.

Empty Files Handling for Wordpress HTML Importer Shows the name of offending file in error message.


Teromplates document templates, alpha.

Gtklendar is GUI month calendar with week numbers according to iso8601. It is meant to be started by clicking IceWM panel clock, but works on other desktops too. Alpha.

Teropi Image Quiz Screensaver. An image quiz screensaver. Pre-alpha, no files published yet.

fresJax, pre-alpha.

Misc downloads and unfinished articles.

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