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Articles on Linux and Free Software

Linux Articles in English

Web and Apache

Build Web Interface to Database is a tutorial from LAMP installation to a simple php database application.

Install Apache on Ubuntu

Making preformated <pre> text wrap in CSS3, Mozilla, Opera and IE.

Custom error pages on Apache.

Redirect web page

Multiple encodings on one server - the solution to broken national and special characters (åäöÅÄÖ, “)

Read XML file with Javascript - handle empty values (missing subnodes) with try..catch.


Tux penguin, the symbol of Linux.

Iptables Firewall for a workstation or a server, with a simple script.

NAT iptables - share internet connection and ip-number.

Installation and Administration of Many Workstations

Ssh public key authentication made really simple.

Network booting with PXE on Fedora Core.

Ubuntu DHCP

Ubuntu PXE

Install workstations automatically - turn empty computers into a usable Fedora or Ubuntu workstations - just waiting for users to log in and start working.

Add ssh public key account. Control many computers with ssh

Cfengine Automatic System Configuration - Writing Your First Script

Install Multiple Programs with Metapackage

Fedora Core and Red Hat

Yum.conf for Fedora Core 1. Has fast Scandinavian mirrors, stable packages and GPG keys for each repository.

RPM Building as a User with a sample system wide configuration.

Yum automated software installation and update for Red Hat Linux.

Spam filtering - Spamassassin and procmail on Redhat Linux

Windows-Linux interoperability

Dual booting Fedora Linux and Windows resizing NTFS partition with Free tools.

Samba Quickstart - File Sharing Between Linux and Windows.

Linux as a client to Windows SMB Shares.

Print from Linux to Windows Server with CUPS.

Rsync from Windows, so you can keep a 15 GB folder up to date with a modem connection.

Business Perspective on Free Software

Implementing Free Software Solution in Workstations examines possibilities of replacing proprietary software in workstations with Free software. The main point of interest is the use of Free software in medium to large organizations. In addition to the obvious benefit of saving licensing costs, other possible benefits of Free software are listed. The paper was a part of a research project to find out if Helia could save money and improve teaching by moving its workstations to Free software, such as Linux. FreeHelia presentation slides 2003-09-22.

Hardware and Gadgets

Dell Optiplex GX270 with Fedora Core 1, 2, 3 and Debian Sarge, using a patch for the troublesome integrated i865 display adapter.

Topfield 5100 a digital television recorder with USB connection to computer.

Realtek 8139 network interface card setup.

SSH client on Nokia 6820 and Bluetooth connection between Linux and Nokia 6820

Ubuntu Linux on HP Omnibook xe4500

Haicom HI-204E USB GPS on Linux.

Acer Travelmate 3004WTMi with Linux.

Ohlson Card Reader Writer with Linux

ATI Radeon 9600 with Linux

HP-Compaq dc7700 with Ubuntu Linux

Acer AL2216W - 22 inch monitor with Linux

Arduino editor on 64 bit Ubuntu Gutsy

Eee PC with Xandros Linux.

390x IBM Thinkpad with Xubuntu 7_10 Gutsy

Huawei e220 on Xandros Linux

Canon Digital Ixus 860is Camera with Ubuntu Linux

HP EliteBook 2530p with Ubuntu Linux


Mount sshfs with FUSE.

Share mouse and keyboard using x2x and ssh.

International ISO-8601 Date on Thunderbird - use the standard international YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM date format on Thunderbird.

Command line


Adding Universe and Multiverse Software Repositories to Ubuntu

English in Finland on Ubuntu

Unfinished articles are available for viewing.

Icewm - configuring the light window manager.

What is Linux and Open Source (pdf), presentation on Software Freedom Day in Haaga-Helia, 2006-09-16.

What's Linux and Open Source, presentation at Haaga-Helia Linux Seminar 2007-11-30.

Fonts problem in Feisty and a fix.

Commands for Admin

Skype in a Sandbox

Ubuntu Hardy 8 04

Shell Scripting

Compress MP3 Dynamic Range

Programming languages on Linux

Python Annoyances

WeelaPurkki Notes

Ubuntu Preseed Sample

ReadLine in Java

Linux-artikkeleita suomeksi

Verkkoyhteyden asetukset Fedora Coressa, ethernet, dhcp ja system-config-network.


Kickstart - käyttöjärjestelmän ja ohjelmien automaattinen asennus

Linux perusteet ja Debian Linux 3.0 Woody

Apt4rpm varaston tekeminen (Nykyisin kannattaa käyttää mieluummin yum:ia.)

Sun Java ja Ubuntu.

Wget kääntäminen lähdekoodista.

Romppu, sivu jonka url on jaetuissa rompuissa, tällä hetkellä Ubuntu Breezy Badger.

Kickstart Ubuntussa, työasemien automaattinen asennus vastaamalla etukäteen asennusohjelman kysymyksiin.

Muita artikkeleita suomeksi

Ravinto ja painonhallinta.

HotSpot-projekti: metropolialueen vapaat langattomat verkot.

Raportin kirjoittaminen

PGP sähköpostin salakirjoitus

Ei raportteja roskiin (pdf), kalvot esityksestä Tietotekniikan liiton tapahtumasta “Sosiaalinen media opetuksessa” 2006-11-16.

Älä kirjoita silppurille (pdf), kalvot esityksestä Haaga-Helia opettajakorkeakoulun verkkototeutus Vespassa 2007-05-23.

Älä kirjoita silppurille (pdf), kalvot esityksestä Haaga-Helia opettajakorkeakoulun verkkototeutus Vespassa 2007-05-23.

Aivoriihi - oheismateriaalia verkkopainotteisessa opettajakoulutuksessa 2007-11-21 pidettyyn esitykseen.

Laadun arviointi terveydenhuollossa - tiivistelmä

Translated Articles (Hindi and Marathi)


Samba Quickstart in Hindi (pdf), translated by Pranav Kukreja.

Building Web Interface to Database in Hindi (pdf), translated by Jugal Kaku.

Spam filtering - Spamassassin and Procmail on Redhat Linux in Hindi (pdf), translated by Kalpana Chatnani.

NAT iptables - share internet connection and ip-number in Hindi (pdf), translated by Shishir Malani.

Multiple Encodings on One Server in Hindi (pdf) translated by Priyanka Warade.


RPM Building as a User in Marathi (pdf), translated by Dhanashree Nagre.

SSH Public Key Authentication (pdf), translated by Dhanashree Nagre.

My Contributions Elsewhere

Wikipedia in English and Wikipedia in Finnish.


Ubuntu Bugs

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