2dresize – Precise Window Placement without 3D Acceleration

Coding? Want to see browser on the left and code editor on the right? No problem, 2dresize can position your windows so that your display is excactly halved.
Edit: You need 2dresize when running 10.04 LTS. Starting at Ubuntu 11.04, it seems you can automatically resize windows by dragging them to screen borders.


– Precisely position windows
– Works on normal Gnome (aka “Ubuntu Classic Desktop”)
– No 3D acceleration needed
– Python, and well under 100 lines of code
– Free software, GPL

Installation and Usage:

Download 2dresize-0.2.tar.gz

$ tar -xf 2dresize*.tar.gz
$ ./2dresize

Click on the star icon on the Notification Area. It’s on the right of top panel.

Test reports

Did it work for you? Please add a comment to this mail. For example: “2resize works great! Tried 2dresize 0.1 on a 32 bit fUbuntu 11.05 and Ubuntu Classic Desktop (Gnome). ” Thanks!

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