Exam of Linux Basics dat8tf063-20 Spring 2013

Bike & White Bread

Welcome to Bike & Bread Ltd, a leading hospitality concept startup. This is us: Riku Risuparta, Liisa Lenkkipolku, Väinö Äijälä and John Doe.

Install us a workstation with OpenOffice (or whatever it’s called nowadays).
We believe in publishing our work. Make us sample homepages to edit.
We need a secure way to access the computer from internet cafes when we bike around. Set up necessary services.
Liisa is writing a breakthrough software, BikeConceptor. To support Linux, Mac, Windows, Android and iOS, it will be PHP. Set up PHP “hello world” so that Liisa can get started quickly.
Help Liisa pick a license for BikeConceptor. Liisa: “It should be Free software. But I don’t want anyone to just take it and turn it into proprietary software. ” Pick a license, and write a short (max 1000 characters) explanation of the license chosen.
Put a list of passwords (including yours) in a text file “users.txt” on your own home directory. Protect it with ‘chmod og-rwx users.txt’.

Rules briefly

Forbidden: Two-way communication, any items not specifically allowed, speaking without permission, looking others monitors.
Forbidden: Paper notes, mobile phones, logging in to anything else but the local computer.
Allowed: Browsing public web, using search engines.

The End

Verify that you have

  • All required documents and tests open on your screen (this is how I evaluate it). The file with all passwords (including the one with sudo) on screen. A big window (like browser) covering other windows.
  • Your name and student number is on the documents
  • Your screen is unlocked and your saver will not lock the screen
  • Did you leave feedback: Did you learn something? Was it usefull? How are you going to use skills after course? Which class was the most interesting? Would you recommend this course to a friend or a collegue? Anything else on your mind?

Thank you! Remember to play with Linux at home.

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