Translate titles for Wikipedia – Firefox Addon

Add English and Finnish translations to Wikipedia pages. A Firefox addon.

Update: New Version for New Firefox

New version published in official Firefox Addons website.

New version works with latest Firefox, Quantum. It uses the WebExtensions API. The old XUL one is depracated.

View and Download latest Translate Titles on Wikipedia.

Install to Firefox

To install, open the Addon XPI file with Firefox.
This is a beta version – feel free to try it out and report any bugs.
Install Translate Titles for Wikipedia.


Just browse Wikipedia with the plugin installed. If a Finnish or an English translation is available, a link is inserted on the Wikipedia page, inside the page heading (h1).
For example, see Wikipedia page on Flight with the addon installed.


If you want to read the source, simply uncompress the XPI with any unzip program.
Translate titles for Wikipedia shows a very simple way to write Firefox PageMod addons. The source code for modifying the page (excluding addon boilerplate and libraries) isĀ  less than 30 lines. It uses jQuery and standard JavaScript.

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