Agenda for Linux Basics dat8tf063-28 – Autumn 2016

Learn the basics of Linux in just 8 weeks! Linux course is teached in English in Pasila, Helsinki.

Are you looking for the Spring 2016 Linux Basics course?
The course instance on below starts in August 2016. The course happens on 4th period, start of Autumn. Tero teaches all classes in a computer lab, probably 5004.

1  Installation w34
2 Desktop Linux, Licenses w35
3 Command Line Interface w36
4 Package Management and Administration w37
5 Apache Web Server w38
6 OpenSSH Server and Client w39
7 Hello World. Programming environments and shell scripting. w40
8 Final Lab Exercise (50% grade) w41


Course grade consists of homework (50%) and final lab exercise (50%). Course requires active participation in the classes.
Homework reports are returned weekly, for example by publishing on the web and returning the link. We’ll talk about homeworks at the beginning of each class, and you can get oral feedback on your work. All homework is evaluated at the end of the course with one grade, based on a package of combined homework. Still, each individual homework must be completed before next class. If there are quizzes on the class, there points are included in the homework (50%) grade.

Previous Courses and Links

Feel free to check comments on Linux Basics dat8tf063-27 Spring 2016, Linux Basics 26, Linux Basics 23, Linux Basics 22 and older feedback, too.
Course description.
Course uses Xubuntu Linux.
Moodle page of Linux Basics (user account required)

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